vocalists & instrumentalists from across the globe present songs, to remember those

who have suffered, and continue to suffer injustices around the world

October 18,2020

'A Song For George Floyd'


22.00h (GMT)/17.00 h (EST)

Repeated at 01.30h (GMT)/20.00 h (EST)


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OCTOBER 18, 2020 

10pm UK 5pm EST

Following the death of George Floyd there has been an international outcry and outpouring of support, love, compassion and solidarity.

This incident has reignited the desire for human beings to say 'enough is enough', 'we cannot go on this way'.

Music has always been a powerful way of doing this, as it is enduring, shareable and something everyone can be a part of. 

Having read, listened to, and seen the news surrounding this heartbreaking incident, I felt moved to express my feelings

through music on a Facebook live event to my Facebook friends, and as I contemplated how I wanted to do that,

I felt I wanted to ask more people to join me. The response has been encouraging.

Together there will be an outpouring of love through music, as we we encourage justice to flow, like rivers. 

Ken Burton

Let justice flow, like rivers