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Instructions also included

Email address will be the main point of contact. Email addresses will be used for the purpose of this event only, and never shared

Please provide accurate details of the song title. If we need to get a license for this, we will need to have accurate details 

Please provide details of anyone involved in the creation of the piece - such as composers/songwriters/arrangers/lyricists. If you know the publishing details please provide those (publisher/year)

Please type a 'signatory' name(s), to indicate you understand the nature of the event, and the terms on which your video will be played, which are:

1) You will submit a video to be played as part of the online concert series, currently called 'Musical March: A Song For George" (Any changes to the title will be communicated, but your material will be permitted for single use only for this event, regardless of the title.)

2) When you submit your video, you confirm that you have ownership thereof, and  the relevant permissions to submit the material. 

3) You understand the programme containing your submission will be broadcast as a 'live' event on YouTube, with links on other sites, such as Facebook, to the YouTube link. Therefore one can, for example,  watch the YouTube link through Facebook,

4) Your submitting of a video, and our using it, is on the  mutual agreement and understanding that:

-we will not request or  require any payment in the form of tickets, subscriptions, or donations to us or any other organisation.

-we will not be receiving any direct or indirect payments (such as through monetisation on YouTube) for this event. There will be no commercial product - either physical, or in the form of digital downloads

-we will not be making payment to any individual in relation to this event - this includes participants,  administrators, organisers, editors, graphics designers.  ----The only payments we make will be inevitable payments for such things as licenses for permission to play, online storage space for uploading videos (such as DropBox). 

-Your name and song title will be displayed. 
-Should there be any change in financial arrangements, we will contact you in advance of any event being broadcast.
Pressing 'Submit' below does not put you under any obligation to proceed. This agreement will only apply on your submission of material.
National laws, and YouTube/Facebook rules  supersede and override anything in this agreement which may be contrary thereto.

After we have received your submission we will send a link for you to upload your material

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