Please note last submissions were received in July.

Only use this form if you have been officially asked to do so

Please provide accurate details of the song title. If we need to get a license for this, we will need to have accurate details 

Please provide details of anyone involved in the creation of the piece - such as composers/songwriters/arrangers/lyricists. If you know the publishing details please provide those (publisher/year)

Please type a 'signatory' name(s), to indicate you understand the nature of the event, and the terms on which your video will be played, which are:

1) You will submit a video to be played as part of the online concert series, currently called 'Musical March: A Song For George" (Any changes to the title will be communicated, but your material will be permitted for single use only for this event, regardless of the title.)

2) When you submit your video, you confirm that you have ownership thereof, and  the relevant permissions to submit the material. 

3) You understand the programme containing your submission will be broadcast as a 'live' event on YouTube, with links on other sites, such as Facebook, to the YouTube link. Therefore one can, for example,  watch the YouTube link through Facebook,

4) Your submitting of a video, and our using it, is on the  mutual agreement and understanding that:

-we will not request or  require any payment in the form of tickets, subscriptions, or donations to us or any other organisation.

-we will not be receiving any direct or indirect payments (such as through monetisation on YouTube) for this event. There will be no commercial product - either physical, or in the form of digital downloads

-we will not be making payment to any individual in relation to this event - this includes participants,  administrators, organisers, editors, graphics designers.  ----The only payments we make will be inevitable payments for such things as licenses for permission to play, online storage space for uploading videos (such as DropBox). 

-Your name and song title will be displayed. 
-Should there be any change in financial arrangements, we will contact you in advance of any event being broadcast.
Pressing 'Submit' below does not put you under any obligation to proceed. This agreement will only apply on your submission of material.
National laws, and YouTube/Facebook rules  supersede and override anything in this agreement which may be contrary thereto.

After we have received your submission we will send a link for you to upload your material


We've endeavoured to make the process as uncomplicated as possible, by keeping instructions to a minimum, making the layout simple, and using simple language. However, please do feel free to ask more detailed questions.

If there are several people asking the same questions we will add them to a list of frequently asked questions. 

1. Please read information below 

2. Fill in the form

3. Once we have received your details, we will email you details regarding uploading.



This event is an online 'concert' of songs, made up of pre-recorded videos edited and joined together to create a programme of songs. 


This is the idea of Ken Burton (the organiser), and so he will be ultimately responsible. He will use a team of people in various areas, but as there has to be one person who is answerable, he is that person. 


Due to the popularity, it has been necessary to make sure that when this goes out, programmes can have variety, and everything is above board; this can take time, and so we have set a target date of June 28th as a 'starting date' to begin the process of advertising, compiling programmes. It will take time to put it all together, as video files are large, and it will take time, (and sometimes several attempts) to upload and download, and a lot of computer memory. 


On social media, at set times, which will be advertised in advance. 
YouTube and Facebook will be the main platforms, but there will be links to them from web-sites. Not everyone is a Facebook user, and so we need  a simple way of helping to find it, but the actual broadcasting itself will be on Facebook & YouTube. 



As it will be posted on social media, it will remain, and available for the general public to view, as per normal. 



This idea originally started off as a very low key 'Facebook Live' event, which was going to be announced by a simple Facebook post. There was never any plans to have anything large-scale.  It still remains the case this will be shown on Facebook/Youtube - the original vision is the same, just more people. 
No-one is receiving payment for performance. 

No-one is receiving payment for any broadcasting or views. 

No-one will be required to pay to view.

This is not a fundraising event, and no-one will be asked to donate.

There will be no commercial exploitation. 


In consultation with the legal department of the Musicians' Union, it has been advised that music which is original does not require any clearance, whereas music which is a cover (i.e. someone else's song) may require clearance, if that song is still in copyright. When filling in the simple form, you will be required to fill in details, in order for the organiser and his team to make sure that we have have done everything according to our understanding to make sure we are acting legally with regard to transmitting music. Many are unaware of the fact that a public stream is subject to law and guidelines, in the same way a television station is. 

As stated in section 6. above, no financial transactions in relation to this event are being made, and the event will not be exploited commercially. Every participant is doing so as part of raising their voices for a specific cause.  
The organiser is not of the opinion that artists should perform without remuneration; this particular event, however, was always going to be a casual event put on by the organiser himself on Facebook, and shared with his friends rather than something generally public, and singers and musicians have simply been invited to share.  


This event is an outpouring of support, and love, in the wake of the tragic events surrounding George Floyd's recent death. The organiser has been very clear that it is important that the family of the late George Floyd does not feel that their family tragedy is being exploited for other reasons. We will be minimising any artist promotion. We therefore ask that you please do not take advantage to intentionally advertise your web-site, new album, social networks and so on. 
We will be putting the names of the artists up on the screen, with song titles. 

That will be sufficient for anyone interested in your work to  seek you out further. 


What Type Of Song

We want a variety of musical genres. It is generally known that Ken Burton is a musician with a strong Christian faith, however it is not required any song or instrumental piece be religious.

It is naturally expected that it would be fitting for the type of event.

-Material can be in the form of a song or instrumental - all genres are welcome. 

-Any lyrics used (song/spoken) should be free from defamatory comments, swearing, blasphemy, or language which could be considered offensive. 

-The general theme is of justice and related themes (unity, determination, protest, progress etc..), themes relating to the incident which has inspired this event,  and healing (think about what the family needs to hear). 
There is no requirement for the material to be slow and reflective; songs which are about encouragement, and which are uplifting are truly welcome. 

Length of Song: 

One song only will be played. A medley is perfectly fine. 

Please aim for no more than around 3-4 minutes. 
If your genre is such that this length is not adequate (for example, spree gospel songs tend to be longer as many have a defined shape), then we can allow a maximum of 6 minutes. Please do not attempt to 'fill' 6 minutes. With a programme like this, if something begins to feel too long, or overdone, those watching can easily switch off.



After you have filled in the form, your details will be put on a database. This will be for the purposes of managing this concert only, and your details will not be passed on to anyone else.

You will be contacted with a link for uploading your material. You will be required to provide details when uploading, in order for us to identify who you are. 

Once your material is uploaded, it will be viewed initially by Ken Burton only in order to get a sense of feel and also to highlight any issues. If there are any issues (for example something got cut off, or the sound is distorted, or we can hear the dog barking too loud), we will be in touch. If there are no issues, it will be labelled and ready to be included in one of the programmes. 

Programmes will have a  variety of: instrumental vs vocal in different genres;  solo vs group vs choir. Home made smartphone vs more expensive camera vs produced music video.  


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